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Thursday, June 2, 2016

ICED TEA DAY JUNE 10 Tea Tea Tea GGMS and Shrinker lovers

I LOVE Love love Tea.

Tea for Kumbucha

  Tea for 

Good Girl Moonshine! 
 Links for recipes GGMS here

Tea for Shrinkers
 I add a little caramel extract to mine
Tea for bedtime 
Tea for Detox
Tea for warm Soothing flavors on a cold winters Day. 
Tea for refreshment and Cooling off on a Hot summer day.
Tea for sipping. Well You get it I like Tea... A LOT!!!!
My very favorite is OOLONG
What is your favorite tea?
If you love it and use it as much I do Teabox is having a 50% off sale on June 10 for iced tea 
Day and here is a saving of 15% of any order of $10 or more of Tea only
ENJOY Your Tea today and everyday! 

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