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Monday, June 6, 2016

Under 5 minutes Quick SImple Easy Dinners For Beginners an Busy Mamas

Quick and Easy for mamas who need help meal planning

Have a super Busy Summer and Need in and out of the Kitchen Quickly, mamas who are the only ones in the house on plan and want easy, Drive thru Sues

I hope you find this EASY and Helpful!

Busy Mamas Under 5 Minutes
  1. Cheeseburgers in Lettuce bun
  2. Hebrews national Hot dogs chopped in a bowl of sauerkraut
  3. Bag of chopped lettuce with small can of tuna (drained) with ranch dressing
  4. Not Naughty Noodles (available here or here ) small can of drained chicken breast, small can of tomato sauce warmed in pot with italian herbs , garlic powder onion powder, and parmesean cheese
  5. Sprouted bread with light laughing cow cheese with tomato slice and cucumber
  6. 1/4 Bag of coleslaw mix as noodles with canned chicken(drained) light mayo and dash sweet blend Mix well and eat, ( you can add nuts to this or apples or other fresh fruit and veggies.. keep it simple )
  7. Nuke Sweet Potato add light laughing cow cheese and some canned drained chicken or tuna 
  8. Josephs Pita pizza 
  9. Joseph wrap with spinach or lettuce and chicken breast or tuna and a squirt of mayo or mustard or sriracha 
  10. Bagged lettuce with boiled egg, cheese and ranch 
Stock your Pantry Drive thru Sue and Save the trips to the Store Bulk Deals to stretch your money and time in the Kitchen

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 Getting started group study (unofficial)

 Beginners group 

Meal plan and prep group

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