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Monday, April 18, 2016

Easy Make Ahead Menu using New Cook book Recipes

I saw a post on youfood that touched my heart, because I have been there we have all been there... Sick of cooking and Sick of washing dishes! Not really sick of being on plan per say or Sick of the Trim Healthy lifestyle, just looking for an easier,simpler way to balance it all.
I decided to ask what people needed for menus.... so there will be more menus to follow including One for drive thru Sues!
This week

and Next week I will be trying a few make ahead foods to carry us through the week and as we build on those by week 5 of the menus we will have items in our freezer to carry us through the whole week!!! I am getting excited here! I have been a busy bee since I saw my friends post taking pictures writing down page numbers and getting my kitchen dirty but only for one day this week!! YES!
including One for drive thru Sues!

Okay so prep work this week:


Field of greens triple batch for breakfasts page 240 put into containers
for the upcoming week and take out and nuke for breakfast.
Donuts also from the new cookbook page 268  .. yum I got excited and made a  ( to pull out of the freezer for several weeks)but we are keeping it simple just one batch here .
triple batch shown here
Again if you don't want this extra prep or don't like donuts substitute an fsf here or an additional omcake.
We are also having Overnight Oats big batch here
for breakfast. You can make enough for the week, or several weeks. How much prep time do you have today? If I have the time and know I will eat it I would rather get it done and have a clean kitchen for several weeks.That is just me. You do what you are comfortable with!


No make aheads , mostly drive thru Sue friendly.. YAY!!


For WE are going to Bake BAM cake page298

and Butterfly wings cake page 301from the book

 for snacks and  desert for the week, ( if we are the only one fully on plan  we should have some for upcoming weeks too to pull out of the freezer)
Boil 6 eggs for snacks for the upcoming week while chopping celery

and cucumber and lettuce and put ingredients in a baggy for 5 fsfs for

the upcoming week.
OR Drive thru Sues :buy a bag of boiled eggs already peeled, celery already cut and washed and leave out the cukes, and make a simple protein shake for snacks instead of fsf.


Make ahead 4 cups of brown rice for Stuffed peppers and also to go with the Jam chicken and  family can fill up on it with any of the meals.
Loaded cauli for a side dish later in the week (too much work? Leave it off your menu!)
We are going to make papster thighs from page 165,

melt in your mouth chicken,
 and Jam chicken in the oven at the same time while
 our hamburger base is cooking in the crockpot.
When the meat in the crockpot is finished;
1. Pull out about 1/3 for peppers and 1 1/2 cups of rice, can of tomatoes, seasonings , parmesean, and fill peppers that have been lighlty blanched in water. Pour can of tomato sauce over all and put in the fridge until ready to cook. (Monday in the crockpot)
2.To the other 2/3 of the mixture and add the combined total of vegetable seasoning mix  for tacos on page 68 and sloppy joes on page 63 .

3. Take out 1/2 of this mixture and follow directions for the filling for slim sloppy joes on page 63 of the new cookbook. Bag it up for Fridays Dinner. You can make nukes bread to go with this or serve it in  a josephs pita or my favorite way is over coleslaw mix.
An easy fp coleslaw recipe adapted from wholefoodmomonabudget I tried to link it but the site was down
FP coleslaw dressing;
mix 3/4 c light mayo,
1 1/2 Tbsp ACV
 3 tsp truvia
 1/2 tsp salt
 1/2 tsp pepper
Mix together and stir into your bag of coleslaw mix.
4.Mix the remaining mixture for Tacos on page 68 of the new cookbook bag up and set aside for dinner later in the week.

Sundays we usually pick up something on the way home- next week we will get rotisserie chicken and use it later in the week for crockpot fajitas (spoiler alert)
This week we put some ribs in the crockpot (with radishes) and about 30 minutes prior to eating removed the radishes for later and added thm bbq sauce from Mrs Criddles kitchen with a large salad and thm friendly mac n cheese (mostly for the family)
Monday Stuffed bell peppers E
Tuesday  Melt in your mouth Chicken  and salad FP
Wednesday Sharies Jam Chicken Brown Rice and Brussel Sprouts E
Thursday Papster Chicken and loaded cauliflower s
FridaySlim Sloppy Joes and coleslaw
Saturday Tacos pg 68 new book


  1. This is wonderful! I love your tips and suggestions! Thanks so much. I can't wait to try my hand at cooking ahead for THM.

  2. Thanks Becky!
    How did it go?

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  4. Love this! Thanks for sharing! May I ask, what type of program is your meal planning document in? Love the format!

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing! May I ask- what program is your meal planning document in? Love the formatting! 😊

    1. Thank you ! I am glad that you like it.

    2. Thank you ! I am glad that you like it.