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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good Morning Slimming protein Oats !!

Good morning protein Oats

If you are like me , you may tend to shy away from Emeals. If I go high on the carbs and don't compensate with a little extra protein I will stall or gain. We do need our Emeals though in order to keep losing. Sounds crazy I know... but It really does aid your weight loss efforts!
So I came up with an EBreakfast that will help me keep those Emeals in my rotation that is not high on the carb end and has good slimming protein sources along with that teaspoon of Slimming fat , so we don't have naked carbs. Whew! I think I tackled all the Carb monsters here !
Here we go.....
You will need

Boil water and add oats for the number of servings you are going to make (measure as you normally would or according to package directions.)
When your oatmeal is finished cooking add a serving to a bowl add a teaspoon extra virgin coconut oil or MCT oil to the hot oats and stir , then add in a scoop of protein isolate collagen, and sweet blend or truvia while stirring.
You could also add in a few drops of Vanilla, butter, almond , Caramel or your other favorite extract. Stir well and pour in about 3/4 cup of Oolong tea , more or less depending on how thick you like your Oatmeal. Viola!   Trim , yum E goodness in a bowl !

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