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Friday, April 29, 2016

Bulk Cooking Menu Plan Week 2

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I like these because you can eat for more than one day on them.
I love picking things out on a day that was not supposed to be a busy day turns into one and I am prepared !! :)
Uncle Sams Cereal with 1/2 banana and almond milk with a little protein powder
Donuts I LOVE being able to eat donuts for breakfast!

If you followed my last menu you already have these made! :)


I will be making grilled cheese with Nukes Bread, Egg Salad on a bed of greens, Big Green Salad with *Avocado and *egg halves *both on sale last week at Aldis


Eggs were on sale last week and this week at Aldis so we are going to use some of those again this week !
A dozen boiled eggs
I am sure the sales won't continue so hopefully none of us will get tired of them! I am boiling up a dozen so that I can make a deeps salad and egg salad sandwiches.
Cantaloupe, pineapple and bananas are on sale at Aldis this week, some will be using those for snacks paired with a low-fat protein like llc, mozzarella stick, nonfat Greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese or boiled egg with yolk removed. I am using a 3 of the yolks for my egg salad and the white portion for snacks.
I will use mostly the yogurt or cottage cheese with my fruit this week since I bought it at Costco and have an ample amount on hand.
I am also mixing in FSF I already have made up

Dinner Menus


Easy Pick up on the way home from Church
 Rotisserie chicken with Salad ( Make it in the crock pot or pick up a bag on the way home- Sams and Costco have both  the chicken and the salad CHEAP the salad is pre-washed and enough to last you all week or more)
I make baked potatoes and green beans for the family


wipe your mouth bbq sauce
Wipe your mouth BBQ pg 43 cookbook THM E  (I am using the extra pineapple that was leftover from our snacks since it was on sale this week )
nukes bread buns with wipe your mouth bbq
with Nuke Queen bread buns
 with coleslaw With
An easy fp coleslaw sauce
Light Mayo I use 1/2 cup ,a squirt of liquid stevia drops a teaspoon to tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar (depending on your taste)

(you can buy a HUGE bag of coleslaw mix at Sam's club for about $3 ) It lasts me at least 2 weeks and I mix it into everything I sprinkle a little in my salad and use as a base under foods or mix in with noodles to cut the noodles down and up my veggies.
Okay.. Back to the menu...


Crockpot fajitas adapted from the Book Using leftover Rotisserie chicken from Sunday
Family uses regular tortillas I use the low carb or the recipe from the book, I personally add lettuce or spinach to mine, but I truly do LOVE my greens!


Big Mac Salad  adapted from the recipe below 


Smokie sausage Bake  


Leftover Tacos from Week 1 Recipe in the book page 68


Hebrews National Hot dogs and Hamburgers on the Grill with yellow Squash and Zucchini marinated in Braggs amino acids  ( Yellow squash and zucchini were on sale at Aldis last week)


I am making the Lemon Curd Cake in the book page 299 again using up
 some of these cheap eggs
and the trimtastic cake on page 296
There will be lots of leftovers to pop in the freezer and use another day or on another menu or when you have a crazy busy day and pull out a ziploc bag and toss in your little liunch bag to take and thaw in the car
 I am also making these fp cakes from Sherri Graham

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